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FOUR Dining CULTURAL Experiences

Roaring Twenties
Nellie Melba
Vienna Model
Mexican Chocolate Chilli
Roaring Twenties
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Australian Cuisine Tribute Menu  (jpg) (pdf)
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Menu (jpg) (pdf)
Mexican Chocolate Chilli Fiesta (jpg)

Enjoy a level of dining pleasure that transports you to Old Europe as you enjoy your sumptuous Private Dining Experience. Come join Doyenne Dr Hanna and her staff in the sumptuous Szalón, unique in all Australia.

Your event can be for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or other special celebration. PricePerhaps you are looking to deliver a reward to those who have made it happen for you or those clients that deserve something extra. It may be that you have a product launch, an announcement or something else that you want them to remember, whatever it is, we will help you deliver it in memorable style. All inclusive (including one bubbly) from $95.

Enjoy an entirely private revolution in gourmet dining with meticulous attention to detail, flavour and design! You choose the date and your company of friends. All we ask to have a minimum of 8 people.

We offer private fine dining options that can be tailored to your requirements. We also advise on how best to set up the special atmosphere that you’re seeking. If you’d like some light entertainment, Mámor can help you organise it.

With Mámor you are in capable and professional hands. Throughout the planning and from the moment we greet you on the day, our team takes care of the details so you can spend time with your guests and all enjoy a very special occasion.

Mámor would be very happy to discuss your event with you and show you round the Szalon. Contact us on 03-9419-3869 or e-mail us at sales@mamorchocolates.com

Mámor Private Dining FAQ

Mamor High Tea setting** Very important!! There are two 153 Johnston Streets within one kilometre of each other!!! We are in Collingwood (close to Hoddle Street / Abbotsford) not in Fitzroy (near to Lygon Street). See map. Be sure your friends know.

Please make your reservation by emailing.
Our pledge
We do take the liberty of temporarily postponing your event if we should become ill or otherwise indisposed. We will do our best to satisfy all of our customers!
Custom-tailored High Tea events and menus
We provide morning, brunch, afternoon tea, supper for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, corporate functions and occasions. We are very accommodating and will personalise a menu choice should you have a special need or request.
Length of dinner
Allow two hours to enjoy the full experience. Please arrive and leave on time. We have no waiting room, so please do not come early.
No children
Because our service is on rare antique china, we request that you not bring children under 12 years of age.
Dress code
Hat optional. Dress code is casual elegant--chic and tailored, but loose and comfortable.
After emailing your request, within one day you will receive an email confirmation with suggested menu. Please make your reservation by emailing.
Size of groups
We can accommodate minimum eight up to 35 people.
As all food is freshly made for each dinner, you must make a 50% deposit upon reserving or risk losing your time slot. Please make your reservation by emailing
Group Table Credit Card Policy
We incur flat fees for each credit card purchase. Groups can pay with one credit card at no surcharge. If you pay individually using a credit card, a 3% charge applies. Individual credit card prices: $75 + $2.25 = $77.25; $65 + $1.95 = $66.95.
Cancellation policy
There is no deposit refund for cancellations less than 48 hours before the event, as we have already started baking and cooking your individualised menu. All cancellations must be made by calling 03 9419 3869 and email to sales@mamorchocolates.com.
Change of numbers in your party
If a person in your party cancels less than 48 hours before the event, there is no refund (as all food is being prepared). However, you can add a person at full price on a space limited basis. All changes in numbers must be made by calling 03 9419 3869 and email to sales@mamorchocolates.com.

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