Buy Vouchers for High Tea

Sample-Mary-Queen-of-Shops 640 loBuying a High Tea Gift Voucher is simple

        1. Click on the voucher below that you require.
        2. Preview your gift and write an optional message to the recipient.
        3. Choose to receive the voucher by email or to send it by email directly to the recipient.
        4. Pay online by credit card or Paypal.

Mamor VoucherPayment can be made with your credit card OR directly through your Paypal account.


Click on the amount that you require



Mamor Voucher1-person weekends $75 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!75} Mamor Voucher1-person weekdays $65 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!65}
Mamor Voucher2-persons weekends $150 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!150} Mamor Voucher2-persons weekdays $130 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!130}
Mamor Voucher3-persons weekends $225 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!225} Mamor Voucher3-persons weekdays $195 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!195}
Mamor Voucher4- persons weekends $300 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!300} Mamor Voucher4-persons weekdays $260 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!260}
Mamor Voucher5-persons weekends $375 {ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!375} Mamor Voucher
For six or more persons, please email
{ko_url Mamor-Voucher.jpg!1}

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