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Dr Hanna with Garlic Dracula's KissesThe Herald-Sun's Catherine Lambert profiles Dr Hanna's flavours in an article called "Choc-full of spices, roo and beer" on May 16, 3013. "As a chemist, I approach searching for a new flavour for my chocolates scientifically", said Hanna. The Herald's wonderful photographer David Smith came to the Szalon and captured this amazing photo of Hanna with Dracula's Kisses.

Dr Hanna discusses group buyingDr Hanna discusses group buyingQuite the coincidence, both PowerRetail and Food Magazine covered Dr Hanna as she discusses her experience using group buying, including tips for how to get the most out of this marketing platform for the ongoing success of your business. "As a small business owner, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to reach a greater number of people and bring more customers into my business. There are many ways to achieve this, from pounding the pavements to handing out brochures and sponsoring community events. However, all these methods were either too expensive, too time consuming, or both".

The Age articleHanna on VideoThe Age (Melbourne) has profiled Head Chocolatiere Dr Hanna Frederick in its Small Business section. The article, written by Gayle Bryant on 16 July 2013, quotes Hanna as saying "you're never too old to start a business".

Many older entrepreneurs feel they have achieved what they want in life in a traditional sense and want to follow their passion. Hanna Frederick, 65, started her Melbourne-based business, a baroque high tea salon called Mámor Chocolates & High Tea Szalón – at the age of 62. Born in Hungary, Frederick has a PhD in chemistry and worked as a food chemist for many years. When she was 58 she decided she didn't want to work for a boss any more. MORE

Melbourne Leader 29 April 2013

The Melbourne Leader carried a two-page spread about our Chocolate History Tour. Nic Price writes: "Once upon a time, Fitzroy was the tasty centre of Melbourne's chocolate-making industry. . . When Howard and Hanna Frederick moved to Melbourne, they set up their chocolate shop in Collingwood to be near the former MacRobertson empire. Dr Frederick now leads walking tours through the "Great White City", which was once the biggest chocolate factory in the Southern hemisphere, employing thousands of people. See complete article For tour reservations

The Sunday Age of MelbourneThe Eye Magazine reader is an influencer of modern style in New Zealand and Queensland (Issue 51, 2012):

High Tea with Hanna is a passionate taste sensation, one everyone should experience in their lifetime.

The very name of this boutique chocolate and high tea Szalón is an indicator of the pleasure that awaits: Mámor means “ecstasy” in Hungarian. No wonder The Australian travel magazine vote it one of Melbourne’s seven secret destinations.

The founder of this luxurious, delicious business is Dr Hanna Frederick, a woman who is passionate about creating exquisite, traditional European delicacies, all served on beautiful, antique porcelain and silverware brought with her from England, Austrlia and Hungary.

The baroque, Austro-Hungarian ambience and decadent treats such as chicken liver mousse, Lipto cheese pate, flutes of French bubbly and of course, the finest chocolates, makes this a unique experience for birthday celebrations, engagements or corporate events. Hanna cares deeply about the preparation and presentation of all her dishes.

In the crafting of her chocolates, she shuns any preservatives and uses only natural fruits and herbs and the highest cocoa content possible. She may once have been a food chemist but what Hanna produces today is pure artistry.

The Sunday Age of MelbourneSultry Hanna"Hanna loves to experiment and has developed a range that includes chocolate flavoured with garlic, absinthe, wasabi and even kangaroo salami. So far, her only flavour failure has been attempting to create a beer-flavoured chocolate. She perfected the recipe two years ago in New Zealand but has been unable to replicate it with Australian beers, possibly because the beer in NZ is not pasteurised. Read more.

The Sunday Age of MelbourneThe Age of MelbourneI hear about Mamor from Michelle Milton, a young tea connoisseur who writes a blog called High Tea Society. ''It's exquisite,'' she tells me. ''Everything [is] home-made and the host is a real character.'' She's right. The Hungarian proprietor, Hanna Frederick, welcomes us like old friends to her baroque ''szalon'' (salon) in the front room of a Victorian terrace, which is decorated with crimson walls, plush antique divans and gilt mirrors. Read more

chinese Zlet magazineChinese attention in Zlet magazine. Credit goes to Hanna's enthusiasm, so says zlet, the monthly lifestyle magazine for Chinese young people in Melbourne. Click to dl pdf. mámor巧克力及茶Szalón你运回1豪华装修的大理石和金老欧洲,我们的工匠巧克力和御茶水服务,引导你从糖果小食品和狂喜,或在匈牙利Mámor

WeekendNotesMenuJulie Mundy reviews Mámor on Weekend Notes: "Well, I thought I knew a thing or two about high teas. I've tried almost every cream tea from Devonshire to Scotland, and even a fabulous trolley-laden affair at a castle in Ireland. I have slavishly worked my way through Melbourne's magnificent high teas at places like the Windsor - such devotion to duty! However, all of these delicious treats pale in comparison with the extravagance, taste and sheer indulgence of . . ." MORE

Channel 9's PostcardsTourism Victoria, Thanks! Mámor on 9's Postcards. Mámor was featured on Channel 9's travel program Postcards, where we showed off our bit of the treasure trove that is Victoria. One-minute program. Host Lauren Phillips calls us a "European take on an English tradition . . . and to top it all off there are the handmade truffles".

The Australian'One of Australia's Seven Secret Destinations', The Australian Travel Section

Momo and Coco One of the most beautiful hidden gems of Melbourne--Momo & Coco, dessert correspondents

Sushie on the BarbieLuckily stumbled upon Mamor Chocolate’s Royal Wedding High Tea. Sushi on the Barbie

The AustralianTrue chocolate heaven! Weekend Notes

The AustralianMámor Chocolates opened six months ago amid the retro furniture stores and grungy pubs of Collingwood in Melbourne. Patrons wear pearls and frocks, mimicking Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, which often screens as they perch on velvet settees sipping from antique porcelain. MORE

Jen from World chocolate GuideThe AustralianWorld Chocolate Guide's Jennifer Earl: "These were the nicest truffles I tasted in Melbourne".

I'm not sure quite how she does it, given she appears to be using the same couverture chocolate as all the other Melbourne chocolatiers. he salon is glamourously decorated in gold and red, the perfect private boudoir to book for a civilized (or not so!) party. Hanna herself is a fascinating host with hundreds of stories to tell but, if you prefer, she will stay out of your way, just making sure your cups and trays stay topped up. -- World Chocolate Guide

Pocket Venus Aphrodisiac ChocolatePress Release: This Valentine’s Day, Ignite your Inner Venus

It's a win win for the boys and girls this Valentine's Day with a new special chocolate release from Mamor Chocolates. The devilish plans of Hanna Frederick, (once a food scientist but now a chocolatiere), are once again put into play with her new chocolate, Pocket Venus, devoted to giving her female customers a little something extra with their customary fix. MORE

New Zealand TV personality John CampbellTV3 New ZealandThe quintessential Hanna. After seeing this you'll get down on one knee and you love Mámor because it is Valentines Day. (Watch)

High Tea SocietyHigh Tea Lovers! High Tea Society has ranked Mamor as one Australia's premier High Tea sites. You'll find a review of our baroque boudoir themed chocolate shop. (Read)

Yarra City LogoGood news stories ... A treat for Chocolate lovers. We are excited to welcome Mámor Chocolates to the Yarra business community. Located on the fast-growing Johnston Street, the Mámor Chocolate Szalón opened its doors to a huge crowd on 24 September.

  Food Channel LogoMen Love Meat. Even in Their Chocolates. A New Zealand food chemist-turned-chocolatier says her salami-tinged chocolate treats are going over big, especially with dudes. Candy maker Hanna Frederick created venison chocolate truffles that she served to 150 meat lovers at a New Zealand Meat Industry Association conference. testThe treats are made from a blend of dark chocolate and ground-up salty meat. (Read)

Paul Blomfield Consulting Venison Chocolate? Hanna Frederick Takes Chocolate Cuisine to New Levels. She made beer-flavoured chocolate for the Brewers Conference, deer velvet chocolate for the Meat Industry Association conference, recycled orange peel-chocolate for the Waste Management conference and a Pop Rock Sugar chocolate for the Mercedes Benz launch... (Read)

Paul Blomfield Consulting She’s pioneered beer-flavoured chocolate for the Brewers’ Conference, deer velvet chocolate for the Meat Industry and venison chocolate for the Meatpackers Association, so what could Hungarian-born chocolatier Hanna Frederick come up with for Halloween in Melbourne? (Read)

Paul Blomfield Consulting It’s a win win for the boys and girls this Valentine’s Day with a new special chocolate release from Mamor Chocolates. The devilish plans of Hanna Frederick, (once a food scientist but now a chocolatiere), are once again put into play with her new chocolate, Pocket Venus, devoted to giving her female customers a little something extra with their customary fix. (Read)

Paul Blomfield Consulting Mamor’s Chocolate Szalon has received a fabulous accolade, being listed in The Australian as one of Melbourne’s seven best secret locations. The publication listed the Mamor Hungarian High Tea as an “utterly original experience”. The article goes on to introduce “the vivacious Hanna Frederick serves tea, snacks and sauciness in her chocolate boudoir.” (Read)

New Zealand Herald newspaper  Meat-flavoured chocs hit with men. Meat-flavoured chocolate might not be everyone's idea of delicious, but a Kiwi chocolatier claims her new salami-tinged treats are just that. . . . (Read)

Radio Live Logo  Hanna takes her new "salami chocolate" to Radio Live personalities. Presenters try the taste sensation with varying results. Hillary Barry actually guessed the flavour under a blind taste test. (Listen)

Radio Live Logo  Wine and food columnist Keith Stewart draws the charm out of Dr Hanna in the world of glorious food and superb wines. You can almost taste the chocolate and the wine! (Listen)

Television New Zealand Logo  Made from a blend of dark chocolate and ground-up salty dried meat, the morsels, shaped like tiny sausages (Read)

Perth Now Lobo  This is just the latest in a string of quirky creations from Dr Frederick, a Hungarian-born food chemist who abandoned a corporate career to make chocolate. (Read)

Fresh Kitchen Logo  It was a whole new world of flavours,” said Hanna, whose company Mamor is rapidly becoming world renowned for exciting chocolate ideas. “To use actual meat in the chocolate, but to still make it a desert, yet with the wonderful savoury flavours of venison was a huge challenge,” Hanna said. (Read)

Telegraph Newspaper Logo

Hanna Frederick has developed venison chocolate truffles, made from a blend of dark chocolate and ground-up salty dried meat. (Read)

New Zealand Herald newspaper  NZ men go wild for herbal boost. Food scientist Dr Hanna Frederick said orders have come from throughout New Zealand and overseas since she . . . (Read)

US FoxNews Lobo

Chocolatier Creates Candy to Stimulate Male Sex Drive. Hanna Frederick has made headlines for her crazy candy concoctions including beer-flavored and deer antler chocolate. Now, the Auckland, Australia businesswoman is hoping to capitalize on Valentine's Day with her Tongkat Ali-infused chocolates.Tongkat Ali is believed to stimulate testosterone production in men, giving a boost to the sex drive. (Read)

New Zealand Stuff Logo  Mámor First in Beer Chocolate
Two popular indulgences will be combined into one with beer flavoured chocolates . . . Hanna Frederick said making chocolates that not only contained beer but tasted like it as well was a tricky request, especially for an audience of brewing experts. (Read)

Palm Beach Florida Newspaper Lobo  playful chocolates for men this Valentine’s Day. Right in time for Valentine’s Day, a chocolate maker in New Zealand is making a chocolate that she describes as playful for men. (Read)

Spike Logo  Hard Candy. A New Zealand chocolate company has created an playful chocolate for men, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate, called Tomcat Alley, promises to “make you a tiger in the bedroom.” (Read)

New Zealand stuff newspaper logo  These chocolates are hot to trot. A passionate Auckland chocolate maker has a new treat guaranteed to kick-start male libidos on Valentine's Day. Chocolatier Dr Hanna Frederick has created Tomcat Alley, a groundbreaking "chocolate couture" creation which boasts theh playful properties of men. (Read)

New Zealand Unlimited Magazine Lobo  Sideline entrepreneurs. Running a business and holding down a full-time job sounds like a guaranteed recipe for burnout, but there appears to be no shortage of takers. A part-time entrepreneur who juggles a small business and a demanding job reckons it’s like being a busker and a priest at the same time. (Read)

“Mámor ” means ecstasy in Hungarian, and apparently with these truffles that bear that name “you only need one to satisfy you”. Well, I had a huge, golden pyramid made of these brandied sour cherry truffles to try and, not having tasted the stuff since I left Hungary ten years ago, it was a pleasure to sample this old favourite of mine.(Read)

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