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His and Her Boxes of Valentines ChocolatesHis and Her Assortments

Treat your valentine to Mámor’s seasonal assortments, inspired by the gods.

Inspired by Venus herself, HER Flavours: Baileys Hearts, Champagne Green Apple, Cherry Liquor, Cherry Ripe, Feijoa Lemon Myrtle, Lavender, Passion Fruit, Pineapple Flambe, Raspberry, Rosemary Sea Salt, Rosewater Cardamom, Strawberry Pepperberry. .

Inspired by Bacchus himself, HIS Flavours: Absinthe, Beer, Butterscotch, Champagne Green Apple, Cherry Liquor, Cherry Ripe, Chilli, Pineapple Flambeé, Raspberry Framboise, Rum Raisin., Salted Caramel, Whisky.

Available in 6-piece or 12-piece assortments. Prefer other flavors? No problem, we can dress up your selection in the same fiery red wrapped box! Order Now.


Pocket Venus Aphrodisiac ChocolateSexy Chocolate Gift for HER

Why should men have all the fun?

Hanna spent the last year working her magic into a love potion for girls wanting a little kick with their cocoa. And while some might say all good chocolate takes women directly to their happy place, with Pocket Venus they'll take their man along for the ride. Pocket Venus™ handmade chocolate truffles use the famous rainforest aphrodisiac herb called labisia pumila or Kacip Fatimah. Buy it with the Tomcat Alley for more fun! More info. Order Now.


Tomcat Alley Aphrodisiac LabelSexy Chocolate Gift for HIM

Gives you a great testosterone boost

Mámor’s Tomcat Alley™ Aphrodisiac Chocolate is made with rainforest herbs from Southeast Asia. Tomcat Alley™ is a healthy and natural aphrodisiac enhancer for men. It comes in Gianduja (hazelnut) flavour. You'll be pleasurably surprised! Ready for any reason, any season. Your male lover will cherish this strong gift especially for Valentine's Day or anytime. Buy it with the Pocket Venus for more fun! More info. Order Now.


Chocolate Melting Heart NecklaceSexy Chocolate Gift for BOTH OF YOU!

Fancy licking melted chocolate from your partner's neckline!

If you are an adventurous couple, then the "Melting Heart Necklace" is for you. It contains 2 edible moulded heart chocolate necklances on a satin red ribbon. Place the necklace on her neck and wait till the chocolate melts. Enjoy removing the excess chocolate! Order Now.

Artisan Couture Truffles and Elegant Packaging

True chocolate heaven.

Perfected Belgian chocolate ingredients, with fresh, natural cream, real fruits and herbs. No preservatives, no artificial flavours. That explains short shelflife – best to eat in 6 weeks.

Elegant Packaging

Flower Triangle Giftbox Birdcage Giftbox Xmas Tree Black Background Chapman Tripp boxes Mamor Sling
Flower Triangle Bird Box Engraved Xmas Tree Corporate pyramids Mámor Sling
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