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Where to find Organza Bags?

Our elegant organza bags provide an festive finishing touch to gifts, wedding favours, and retail packaging. As a direct importer we are able to provide high quality products at very competitive prices. We gladly serve home-based businesses and the discerning individual who may be looking for a special product for an upcoming event. No order is too large or too small! We carry two types of bags: Sheer Organza Bags and Gusseted Bags.

Sheer Organza Bags

Pastel Organza Bags Red organza bags Tricolor organza bags

Size: See table below. All bags (including larger sizes) are available in all same colours. Please select your colours below, and email your inquiry to: hanna@mamorchocolates.com. Wholesale discounts for orders of 100 units or more. Here are the available colours of our sheer organza bags:

Silver White Pink Red Light Blue Burgundy Mint Fruit
Navy Lavender Olive Purple Gold Ivory Orange Pastel
Black Copper Maize Dark Green Smoke
Ultra Violet Mauve Yellow
Fuchsia Turquoise          

Sizes and prices on Sale (all sizes available in all colours, while in stock)

Model number Size(US) Size(Metric) Price (GST incl)
MO7.5 3" x 4" 7.5 x 10 cm $.12
MO 10 4" x 5.5" 10 x 14 $.20
MO13 13 x 16.5 13 x 16.5 $.30
MO14 5.5" x 9" 14 x 23 $ .40
MO15 6" x 14" 15 x 35.5 $1.50


Gusseted Organza Pouches

gusseted pouch
Gusseted pouch

Our gusseted organza pouches have a satin drawstring ribbon, and are characterized by a square cardboard base. They are available in 4 sizes and 18 colors. All dimensions are approximations and given as the width of the bag when flat by total height in centimeters


Silver White Pink Red Burgundy Light Blue Black Copper
Navy Lavender Olive Purple Gold Smoke
Maize Ultra Violet
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Dark Green Ivory            

Code Size (US) Size (metric) Price (GST incl)
MG10 4.5" X 6" 11.5 X 15.5 cm $1.00
MG15 5.5" X 8" 14 X 20.5 cm $1.30
MG20 6" 9.5" 15 X 24 cm $1.50
MG25 8" X 10" 20.5 X 25.5 cm $1.70

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