SponsorshipMámor Sponsorship Acknowledgement Policy

Each year we support a limited number of charitable events provided that this sponsorship leads to product exposure and to customers whom we highly value. We are particularly interested in supporting Music, Arts and Culture. 

We will evaluate our sponsorship or gift to your event in part based upon how your event can satisfy some of the following criteria.  In asking for Mámor sponsorship, please indicate which of the following you can provide:

Verbal Acknowledgement  

  • Acknowledgement during the opening ceremony or event


  • Registrations to your reception and event

Print Material, Website and Signage  

  • Mámor logo and acknowledgement on your website with link to our website www.mamorchocolates.com
  • Mámor name and acknowledgement on your printed materials
  • Mámor logo and acknowledgement on slide reel shown during the event
  • Mámor logo and acknowledgement in Registration Brochure
  • Promotional literature (three-fold A4 size) to be included in delegate satchel
  • Use of photos of your event for our marketing purposes

Social Functions  

  • Opportunity to address your event
  • Opportunity to place our branded item at each place


  • Advertisement in your Programme

For further information, contact info@mamorchocolates.com

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